Lent: A Journey to Easter has been created and coordinated by Karen Spoelstra (Diocesan Youth Facilitator) and The Revd Sarah Park (Diocesan Ministry Educator). Both of us have responsibility for providing education opportunities and workshops for the Diocese. It was first created in 2016, and now in 2018 we are offering it again.

The calendar will run from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week. Then, the address will automatically redirect to A Resurrection Journey: the companion calendar which follows a similar format and runs right through till Pentecost. Those on Facebook can receive a daily reminder from our Facebook page: A Journey to Easter.

We have drawn content from our favourite authors and artists including A New Zealand Prayer Book – He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa. The calendar is an expression of Anglican Spirituality in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

karen and sarah editDiocesan staff have been very generous in loaning us their voices. Our photos are recognisably from this place in the world. Lent: A Journey to Easter has been made possible by the work of Eleanor Calder, Melinda Cho, Charlie Baker and Tim Morgan.

Lent: A Journey to Easter is unashamedly from the Diocese of Auckland, by the Diocese of Auckland and for the Diocese of Auckland. And anyone else who might want to participate. Welcome! It is our hope that this calendar will be a tool for deepening your faith.


Karen Spoelstra  
The Revd Sarah Park